Yonex E-Zone 98 G2 lime green


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The dawn of a new decade brings an updated Yonex EZONE 98. Endorsed by ATP player Nick Kyrgios, this EZONE 98 is one of the more user-friendly player's racquets on the market thanks to its ease of maneuverability, generous access to power, large sweetspot and great feel. We put this newest offering to the test by putting the frame in the hands of different players from around the globe on different court surfaces. The first standout characteristic was the update in feel, with several playtesters referencing the previous DR model as similar. Power was bountiful, and while bigger hitters were initially missing a bit of control, a slight tweak in their string setup allowed this racquet to mesh perfectly with their aggressive games. The easy maneuverability made the racquet adaptable to all playing styles, and the larger sweetspot aided in shot consistency and depth. Overall, the 2020 edition of the EZONE 98 is going to be a great fit for intermediate and advanced players who are looking to capitalize on racquet speed, power and feel

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