Victor Jetspeed s12f


AERO-SWORD Frame Structure

Innovative technology combining the two popular frame structure SWORD and AERODYNAMIC, the AERO-SWORD can efficiently reduce air resistance and following a faster and greater hit back.

Brand new material Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS) ###### A Whole Level of Supreme Elasticity and Stability

Twin Epoxy Resin System (TERS), an aerospace engineering material of holeless compact structure. Enhanc frame elasticity and shock absorption ability. In the meantime, reinforce shaft flexibility and resilience, and enable optimized swing force transmission.

Hard Cored Technology

Inspired by the military helicopter, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimize material size, reinforce handling feel and performance at a critical standard.

Pyrofil Carbon Fiber

Pyrofil Carbon Fiber and its composites, are advanced high-performance materials from Japan. The characteristic of high intensity bounds ultra-light offers racket excellent shock-absorption and enhances control.